Bird Feeders

Why not help the birds in your garden with a handcrafted, solid steel bird feeder? These are attractive to look at and made to an extremely high quality and are guaranteed to last!

I have a range of beautiful feeder poles that will attract the birds and give you hours of pleasure watching them.


My bird feeders have a 12mm diameter stem and I hand make all the scrolls. The feeders are all fully welded so are extremely strong and long lasting. For the finish I paint each bird feeder in two coats of a high quality undercoat, and then finish them off in a black gloss topcoat. This paint is a very hardwearing and high quality paint, also produced by a company in North Yorkshire. This paint finish gives my work a long lasting and weatherproof finish.


The standard bird feeders, with either 2 or 4 arms, are approximately 6’5″ tall with 1′ of this going into the ground. This leaves the height above ground 5’5″  The arms come out approximately 7″ from the pole.

I make the pole with a double pronged spike which is recommended for strength and stability.

The bird feeders come in 2 pieces which fit securely together in the middle with a fully welded joining piece.


The cost of my handcrafted feeders with the basket and ball top are :

4 arm with double spike £90
2 arm with double spike £80

The cost of my feeders with a hand cut bird motif are :

4 arm double spike £95
42 arm double spike £85

These feeders can be made with a blackbird, wren or robin.

My bird feeders are shipped to most mainland UK addresses for just £15 p&p  These prices are unfortunately what we have to pay the couriers due to the size and weight of products.

These beautiful feeders make excellent presents too – something hand crafted and made to last!

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