4 Arm Bird Feeder Basket & Ball



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4 Arm Bird Feeder Basket & Ball

Why not help the birds in your garden with a handcrafted, solid steel bird feeder? Attractive to look at and made to an extremely high quality – guaranteed to last! This version is our popular free standing style and so is ideal for most lawns and flower borders. It has 4 hanging arms ideal for seed or nut containers.

Our range of beautiful feeder poles and tables will attract the birds and will provide you with hours of pleasure watching them.


Our bird feeders have a 12mm diameter stem and all scrolls are hot forged and hand made. The feeders are all fully welded, because of this you will find they are extremely strong and long lasting.

The standard pole feeders, with either 2 or 4 arms, are approximately 6’5″ tall with 1′ of this going into the ground. This leaves the height above ground 5’5″ The arms come out approximately 7″ from the pole.

The pole can be made with either a single or double pronged spike. We recommend the double spike if the feeder is going in a very exposed spot, or if you require a taller feeder. Our customers have found the single pole is secure enough for most normal garden situations or is ideal if you are putting your feeder into a base as opposed to the ground.

The pole feeders come in 2 pieces which fit securely together in the middle. We make a version in 1 piece, but due to courier costs this is only suitable for collection or local delivery.


The cost of our feeders with the basket and ball top are :

4 arm with double spike £90
4 arm with single spike £85
2 arm with double spike £80
2 arm with single spike £75

The cost of our feeders with a hand cut bird motif are :

4 arm double spike £95
4 arm single spike £85
2 arm double spike £85
2 arm single spike £80

We make these feeders with a choice of a blackbird, wren or robin.

2 arm wall mounted feeder with basket and ball top £50

2 arm wall mounted feeder with bird motif top £55


We ship our products to most mainland UK addresses for just £15 p&p for all types of bird feeders

Our feeders make excellent presents too – something hand crafted and made to last!

We hand make these products to order, because of this please allow 3-4 weeks from date of order to delivery.

4 Arm Bird Feeder Basket & Ball

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